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Our goal is to provide affordable, comprehensive education throughout the year and summer programs to families throughout the community. Our child care center provides space and opportunity for children to develop and explore.


Children ages 2.5 to 12 years will experience a diverse curriculum that will incorporate readiness, reading and writing skills that are essential for introducing children to literacy. Weekly themed summer programs will be available to make sure the summer vacation is filled with fun.  Unlike many child care centers, we offer before- and after-school care, Full-time, part-time care and drop-in care.


6:30a.m. to 6 p.m.


We consider each child a unique individual, being sensitive to the child's social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs. We would provide developmentally appropriate programs that focus on the process of learning and help children enjoy successful experiences. We believe in providing a physical environment that is safe, clean, and healthy.  We would also allow children the opportunity to explore, to experience, and most importantly encourage them to succeed.                    


We believe that teachers should possess the personal qualities of patience, organization and good interpersonal communication skills to allow them to perform their duties effectively.

  • Patience will help to ensure that the proper care is provided to the families and children who remain in care of the daycare center.

  • Organization will keep the classrooms in order, starting from files and ending with the staff and children.  This type of skill will also save the teacher time and the center money.

  • Interpersonal communication skills will with supporting the staff, children and family members of the children in care.  This will show respect and in return will gain trustworthiness through the people they are communicating too.            


We believe that the students should have the space and open opportunity to explore their many possibilities. We feel that students should be provided the most appropriate nutritional values to allow them to be well nourished and lead a healthy lifestyle for proper development.  Children should be granted with supportive environments for the development of self-esteem along with other physical and mental needs. Children should be focused on what they can do rather than what they can’t do. We feel this process will reduce stress on the child and the teacher.            

We believe that parents and the community members should possess many motivating skills to help the child succeed.  We feel that parents and the community members should encourage children to do things rather than forcing them.  We feel that parents and community members should focus on respecting and supporting children’s choices and decisions instead of judging or dispiriting their options in life. Another motivator for parents and community members to acquire would be trust. We feel that if a child is provided trust through an adult, they will then in fact overturn that feeling toward the parents and community members.


We believe that knowledge is the key to happiness and success. Knowledge brings forth happiness because it helps us through life’s most challenging journeys. Knowledge brings success because it has the power to help us accomplish our goals and believe in ourselves.  Knowledge is a blessing to have and the best part is; it has no boundaries. 

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