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Our program will provide weekly themes for your child to enjoy and grow at the same time. 


This includes arts and crafts, music, science, culture, math and drama. Our traditional curriculum program will enhance your child’s imagination through various opportunities of exploration.  We help your child develop a positive self-image and learn to live our core values compassion, love and respect. 



Care will include breakfast, lunch and p.m. snack. Our USDA-approved meals offer meats, fruits, vegetables and a variety of foods, following guidelines of the Child and Adult Care Food Program.  not required to bring in any outside food, unless your child has allergies, and needs a special menu.

We are licensed, certified and also MAT certified. 


  • We will provide an inclusive education to children with special needs.

  • We accept children with special needs and provide accommodations if necessary.

  • We provide families with support and professional resources to offer the best quality care possible.


  • Infinitee Day School provides developmentally appropriate environments and instruction in preparation for each individual child to transition to the next level.

  • Children are assessed twice a year for teachers to gain appropriate knowledge of each individual child through observations and checklists.

  • We communicate with parents on their child development through bi-annual conferences.

  • We provide parents with resources and referrals to kindergarten programs

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